About Us

Hi! I'm Quiana, the owner and creator of Hydrate by Q, I want to personally thank you for taking the time to explore my products. It is a pleasure to be able to help others feel as pretty and special as I feel daily. I started this line for myself and my family. A few years ago I went on a journey to create my bath products because I was struggling to figure out the right products to introduce to my family. With a family of 5 all having different skin types, ranging from sensitive skin, to dry skin,  my family struggled to find hydrating products that benefited everyone's skin sensitives. I began researching and trying various products that I thought would be great for cleansing, hydrating, and moisturizing the skin and benefit the skin sensitives. I was unsuccessful in finding products that weren't water-based, which further dried the skin, and didn't hydrate. This is how Hydrate by Q began. 
Our skin was dry and deflated due to lack of moisture, hydration and my family suffered. I was on a quest to find a solution to our skin issues.  I continued researching and by mixing natural key ingredients I could potentially cure my family's skin issues. After trial and error for over 3 years I formulated natural combinations that worked for my entire family. I started making my body jars of butter using shea butter as the base. I created an oatmeal bath soak that calmed and hydrated irritated skin. These products are still on my go-to list and the foundation of my business. Over the years, I began to add and create other products such as; body soaks, sugar scrubs, body oils, and many more. The body butter and soaks I created helped and began to heal my family's skin issues using all-natural ingredients. Hydrate By Q product collections offers spa-like products that are easily useable in the comfort of your own home. People have wondered how did I go from helping my family to launching a homemade hydrating business? The answer is simple, I received compliments on the fragrance and the glowing of my skin. After several requests, I started making more body jars of butter and soak for friends and family. I decided to offer products to others in the community to help hydrate, moisturize and heal their skin. Hydrate by Q was born. Hydrate By Q products is designed to moisturize and hydrate the skin.

What you will find at Hydrate by Q is a multitude of products and a variety of scents for all seasons!  We also have options for non-fragranced products, just look for the all-natural non-fragrant section on the website.  All products are natural, homemade, and not tested on animals. This has been a great journey for me and my family and I am looking forward to hearing your success stories of how Hydrate by Q has helped your skin.  

Thank you for supporting Hydrate by Q!